Sunset,skateboards and cuties

A big thing for me is that I try to find you the perfect setting for your session. I pride myself in making it feel like you are on a date and not a photoshoot. If you’re not a model or an influencer, you are not gonna be the biggest fan of standing in front of a camera and I get it! I also struggle every time I need to be in front of a camera, it’s so uncomfortable, what the hell are my hands doing, why do I cramp up and where are all these extra chins coming from?!?!? So now I aim to make your session feel more like a date night out with your partner or a fun family outing with your loved ones instead of a smile for the camera photoshoot.

With Alice and Alberto it was obvious that I should do something different for them from the start. The session needed to be fun and have a certain element to it that is very very cool. So skateboards was the plan – have them bring their boards and let them just enjoy a bit of cruising and enjoying the amazing weather. We ran into a bit of an issue with the fact that poor Alberto had no idea how to actually skate while Alice was a god damn pro at it. This made for an interesting date night for both of them, but we managed to capture some really cute moments and definitely they had a lot of fun while at it.

We started out our shoot at the top of the Kadrioru stairs where there was a massive lilac bush in bloom. I really just let them be themselves and act like I was not there. With Alice, her amazing modelling skills came right out and she really did look like a supermodel who was posing for Vogue.

While the lilac bush was beautiful, I knew straight away that Alice’s wish was to have photos that are not fully in nature. With me it’s ofc hard as I loveeee to shoot in nature and just always use natural elements in my photography. Nevertheless, I still managed to find some more urban elements to their photos and hopefully got something that is not only nature for the lovely Alice.

In my very honest opinon these photos came out so god damn adorable! Like they feel poetic in a way that it’s hard to describe. Maybe it’s just them slaying all the prompts I gave them and just looking like they walked out of a catalog.

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Blooming flowers
Couples photoshoot in Tallinn
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Couples photoshoot in Tallinn
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Cute couples session in Tallinn
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